What students are saying about the simulation books:

"I was never really interested in history before I played your simulations; they are great!"

"This is by far the most fun I have had in a history class."

"The game made me feel like we actually there, living out history."

"We were still arguing over who had the better constitution over lunch and into Algebra class.  I even took it home and worked on it, so that we could win the game today."

"All these years later, the thing I remember the best about your class was the simulations we played.  Those were really fun games."

What teachers are saying about the simulation books:

"My students loved the game.  They did not want to stop!"

"The other simulations books Iíve seen are nice, but they are too detailed.  Who has a week or more to spend on one event?  I need something I can cover in a day or two because I have so much ground to cover in one year."

"This book is a great value; it has several good simulations for the price that most publishers charge for one."

"Jeremy Hilburn and I were happy to endorse Richard Di Giacomo's books at the National Council for the Social Studies Convention because there is a growing demand amongst Social Studies teachers to use simulations and encourage active learning." Brad Maguth, history professor

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