The History Teacher’s Joke Book

Description: This book is a joke book for social studies teachers to help add a little excitement to your classes and help students to have fun with history. It contains corny geography puns and wonderfully bad history jokes. The final chapter contains notable flubs that students have made in class. This book is guaranteed to keep you and your students rolling in the aisles!

From the Inside Flap:

A sample of the torture in store for your students:
Danny: “I like the mammals in Tasmania.”
Annie: “You devil, you!”

Maureen: “Did you get to see much of Virginia?”
Doreen: “No, Chesapeake.”

Ed: “What do you do if your food store flops in India?”
Fred: “Open a New Delhi.”

Teacher: “Sometimes pharaohs died quite young.”
Student: “Tut, tut, what a shame!”

Apollo: “Which ancient battle had the best lunch meat?”
Vulcan: “The Battle of Salamis.”

Teacher: “Can an obscure figure from a small Mediterranean island become the Emperor of all France?”
Class: “Of Corsican!”

Teacher: “Why did Theodore Roosevelt drop out of politics?”
Smart Alec: “Because Teddy could bear no more.”

Teacher: “What was the British response to the German trenches in WWI?
Pupil: “Tanks a lot!”

Mitch: “Why does the Dalai Lama go to Las Vegas?”
Rich: “He loves Tibet!”


Table of Contents:

  Page Number
1. Geography   1
2. World History    15
3. Famous Flubs   34

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About the Author: Richard Di Giacomo is a history teacher with over 20 years experience. He has taught at every level from preschool to adults. He has taught every level of students from at risk students and limited-Enlish students to the honors level. Students often relate that his jokes are one of their favorite parts of his classes. They bring fun and excitement to the study of history.

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