''I was really impressed with this book.'' --Ann-Marie Sayers, Ohlone tribal chairwoman

''The information in your Ohlone Teacher's Resource is wonderfully accurate and quite appropriate to the needs of a 4th grade teacher.''-- George Coles, Adjunct Professor of Anthropology, SFSU


This book contains:

Full color images of Ohlone sites, homes, tools, and historical paintings   

Classroom activities

A complete list of places to visit to learn about the Ohlone

An extensive bibliography of Ohlone books, films, websites and CD-ROM’s

2nd Edition © 2010   Magnifico Publications

ISBN 09706237-6-3        25.00

Table of Contents:


Section One: Teaching Images

1. Where Did the Ohlone Live?

2. Tribal Regions of The San Francisco Bay Area

3. Ohlone on a Canoe Near San Francisco

4. Dance of the Inhabitants of Mission San Francisco

5. Dancers at Mission San Jose?L

6. Ohlone Home at Mission Dolores in San Francisco

7. Acorn Pounding Mortar

8. Acorn Pounding Holes at Chitactac-Adams Heritage County Park in Gilroy

9. Petroglyph Rock at Chitactac-Adams Heritage County Park in Gilroy

10. Interpretive Shelter at Chitactac-Adams Heritage County Park in Gilroy

11. Ohlone Village Representation at Coyote Hills Park in Fremont

12. Tule Marsh at Coyote Hills Park in Fremont

13. Ohlone Canoe made from Tule Reeds

14. Winnowing Basket

15. A Father Teaching His Son to Hunt 16. Preparing for a Feast

17. Replica Ohlone Village near Deer Hollow Farm

18. Ohlone Arrowheads

19. Native Housing at Mission Santa Cruz

20. Ohlone Warriors Resisting the Spanish

Section Two: Classroom Activities

1. Ohlone Tribal Groups Word Search

2. The Ohlone at the Spanish Missions Crossword Puzzle

3. Ohlone Map work

4. What the Ohlone Knew Anachronism Activity

5. Ohlone Foods

6. Ohlone Fictional Story Writing

7. Ohlone Place Names

8. The Ohlone Today

Section Three: Places to Visit to Learn about the Ohlone

Section Four:  Resources for Further Study

About the Author: Richard Di Giacomo graduated from San José State University with a B.A. in Ancient and Medieval history, a B.A. in Social Science and an M.A. in American History.  He has been a teacher for over 20 years and has taught in a variety of schools from private and continuation schools to public high schools.  He has taught everything from at risk and limited English students to honors and college preparatory classes.  The subjects he has taught include U.S. and World History, Government, Economics, Bible and Ethics, History of the Cold War, and Contemporary World History. 

He has been a reviewer and contributor to textbooks, and a frequent presenter at social studies conferences on the use of simulations, videos, and computers in education.  Rich’s love for role-playing and strategy games led him to develop his popular simulation books.  His years of experience teaching social studies and interest in local history led to this current book.  He has visited nearly every Ohlone historical site and educated school and church youth groups about the Ohlone contribution to our area’s history.

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